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  TaobaoRing is the best agent I have ever ordered with. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Processes super fast, contacts you with any problems or concerns, responds within a day or instantly if they are on messenger, shipping fees/service fees are low, provides tracking, sends picture of items before sending ...

  I always place my orders with TaobaoRing and they always make a excellent work. Fast and perfect customer service. My order arrived perfectly and in short time. Thank you!

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TaobaoRing.com is reliable taobao agent in China since 2011, helping you buy items from Taobao and many other Chinese online shops. No matter where you are, what you want to buy, we are here ready to help you, to save money for you. Easy and fun, shopping with us!

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Service fee: only 8% for members
7% for big order
6% for SVIP
EMS: 40%-45% off standard rates

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User friendly website
No hidden fee
Efficient order process
Best packing on fragile items

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Customer Support

Order confirm within 12 hours
Parcel shipping within 12 hours
LiveChat, Support tickets
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Photo Taking

Take photo for every order
Detailed photos for valuable items
Order photo album support
All free of charge

Merchant oriented

Order combination
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Order storage for free
Reservation delivery service

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TaobaoRing [Pseudo-fake home COS] otaku rot female love really difficult peach Tao Chenghai face modeling cosplay wig - Taobao
10.6 $
TaobaoRing Otaku rot female love really difficult COS clothing female peach Tao Chenghai suit professional wear otaku rot female cosplay - Taobao
22.31 $
TaobaoRing Cheese Lolita [Ice Orange] Headband KC June 27th Like Collection - Taobao
5.87 $
TaobaoRing Cheese Lolita [Ice Orange] Sling Dress JSK Waist June 27th Favorite Please - Taobao
43.68 $
TaobaoRing Cheese Lolita 【Ice Orange】Headband June 27th Like Collection - Taobao
2.45 $
TaobaoRing Lolita summer sweetheart chiffon flounces take short-sleeved summer 2WAY word collar puff sleeve bottoming shirt - Taobao
12.88 $
TaobaoRing [Chihiro] home grown woman's way to grow English Pear Bunny COS clothing high-end custom - Taobao
34.23 $
TaobaoRing Three-pointed Delusions Magic Card Girl Sakura Transparent Card Woody Sakura Sakura COS Dream Staff Magic Stick Props Collection - Taobao
29.18 $
TaobaoRing 喵 魔 Mocha girls Sakura Sakura COS clothing Variety Sakura op Transparent brand cosply Flying crown Crown headdress - Taobao
17.77 $
TaobaoRing [Beginning Cat Cats] Magic Card Girl Sakura OP Snow Angel Crystal High Heels cosplay shoes - Taobao
20.86 $