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TaobaoRing Coin Step by Step

Create Coin account

Step 0: Sign in with your TaobaoRing account. Click your username on the left top of the page.

sign in

Step 1: If you don't have an coin account, you can click "Create it".

create account

Step 2: Setup a coin payment password.

setup payment password

You have your coin account now. The tips will redirect you to the user page again.

you will be redirect to user page


Step 1: Click "Add Funds" from the user page.

add funds

Step 2: Input the amount you want to deposit, the currency is CNY/Yuan. For example, you want to deposit 2000 CNY.

input the deposit amount

Step 3: We'll create a special order for you, just confirm it, click "Pay Now".

confirm deposit amount

Step 4: Make payment for this order(Refer the payment methods page).

make order payment

We'll check the payment amount, and update your coin balance.

updated balance

Coin Pay

When you have to make payment, you can use your coin balance to pay. Input your payment password.

select payment method

If the payment password is correct, order status will be updated automatically.

updated order status

You can check the balance from your user page.

check the balance

Or check the coin trade details.

check coin trade details


You can withdraw the money to your PayPal account. Just click "Withdraw" from user page.

withdraw money to PayPal

If the payment password is correct, we'll send money to your PayPal.

money sent to PayPal

You can also check the trade details of the money withdraw.

check details of money withdrawal