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First Login Guide

Dear , welcome to TaobaoRing.com. As your first login, this is a simple guide for you.

As a member of TaobaoRing.com, you enjoy award-winning taobao agent customer service and low international shipping rates.You can easily manage your orders and check our processing progress. All these can be found at Navigation.

About the order process

Order process is pretty simple. You add items to your shopping cart, submit the order and we'll confirm for you. After you make first payment, we'll buy items in the next 24 hours. When your items arrived at our office, we'll check quality of each item, take photos, pack items and email you the weight and international shipping fee. After you make second payment, we'll ship your parcels in the next 12 hours. You can split items to different parcels or combine orders to one parcel. You can learn more about payment methods, shipping methods and order process.

About the item quality

We are only taobao agent, and do not sell any items, so we have no control about quality of the items you buy. What we can guarantee is that we buy from the seller you choose, check size, color and any item damage for you when the items arrive at us. Make sure you know this policy before you make the first payment.

About international online tracking information

We support multiple shipping methods, and all of them have online tracking information. DHL and EMS have very detailed tracking information, but Airmail/Chinese AIR/SAL/are famous for the lack of tracking information, and not update online information for dozens of day. Learn more about the tracking skills.

About customer communication and dispute

The most convenient way to contact with us is email, if you have any question, you can read the FAQ or send email to service@taobairng.com, and we'll reply you in a few hours after we received the email. Please don't open PayPal dispute before you contact with us, because we'll try our best to resolve any problems you meet. Learn more about our terms and refund policy.