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The best China agent - TaobaoRing

As a China agent, why TaobaoRing is the best?

If you have a store or online shop in your country, and you plan to get stocks from China, then you can consider TaobaoRing. We can help you to purchase from the largest wholesale website in China, that is 1688.com (Alibaba). I think you may have heard about it before. Alibaba is similar with Taobao, you can find everything you want here. The difference is that most sellers on Alibaba have their own factories, they usually have large quantity of stock and most of them do wholesale only, so the price is much more cheaper. Of course, besides shopping from Alibaba and taobao, we can also buy from other sites, such as: https://www.jd.com/, http://book.kongfz.com/, http://www.vip.com/, etc.

China service by TaobaoRing

If you choose us, I believe we can provide you the best service. We are sure you will get exactly what you want finally. We help to confirm availability before your payment, and buy the exact items according to the options you choose, check items when we receive from sellers, pack them well and ship to you safely. We also provide some other services for free, such as help you to translate the size chart, help to ask seller any questions you have, rush seller to send items,etc. Sometimes you may only know the name of the item or you only have a picture but you can’t find the item link to buy, at this time we can help. No matter which kind of problem, we will try our best to help. Another feature of our service is that we will provide photos for the items before we ship to you. Then you can check whether they are correct, and I’m sure you will be excited when you see the photos first before you receive the items.

China Shopping

Why most foreign friends choose China shopping? First of all, for the same quality items, it is much cheaper if you buy from China than from American or European countries. Secondly, for some items you can only find in China. China's economic system is relatively mature, the style of products here are rich. No matter what you want to buy, you can find it here. Thirdly, many Chinese people can speak English, so the communication is much easier. If you choose TaobaoRing as your China shopping agent, we can help you to save both money and time. You needn’t to communicate with the sellers by yourself if you do not speak Chinese. If you have any questions, you can just tell us, we will communicate with the sellers for you. As we have a strong English team, they all have professional knowledge of English, can help to solve any problem for you.