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Discover how TaobaoRing work

The real of us!

As a reliable Taobao agent, TaobaoRing provides 5 star China Taobao shopping service to people from all over the word. We have professional staff in each link. For example, confirm, purchase, check and pack. Next, let me introduce the main workflow from TaobaoRing.

How we confirm your orders

After you submit the order on TaobaoRing, we will see it in our confirmation list. The orders will be assigned to different colleague randomly. The related colleague will confirm with the sellers for the availability at first, they click the item status as "Yes" if it is in stock, otherwise will click "No". What's more important, they will check the prices one by one and update them if there are any discounts or wrong prices. Finally, we will send you 1st payment invoice.

When we purchase your orders

We usually will purchase your orders within 12 hours after we receive your 1st payment. We will add all the items one by one to Taobao shopping cart according to the options you select . Next, we need to leave message to the sellers if you have specail request for some products. Finally, check options again one by one to ensure all are correct options and pay for sellers. Is that all? No! As you know, not every seller can send out the items soon after we pay for him. So, we have special staff to track each order. They rush the sellers frequently to ship the items.

How we check your items

Each morning we will receive many and many parcels, especially on Monday. Our related colleague will scan each parcel first to make sure we receive it from the seller.Then open one by one and put them beside the checking staff. They will take out the items from bags or boxes to check all the details which include the color, size, style or any defects, to guarantee your items are correctly sent. For cosplays, many of them come without size lables, it brings difficulty to check the size. However, don't worry. Our staff will take it out and measure, they always do good job on this.

See the photo, how carefully they are!

How we pack your items

When the last item from one order arrives at our warehouse, our related colleague will first pick up the whole parcel of this order from our warehouse. They will put everything neatly on the table and take whole photos. For special items, they will take detail photos from different angles. About fragile items, they will use bubble or other protect material to wrap. Finally, put the items one by one back to the parcel and seal it.

The below photo will help you know clearly how they work.

I also want to share some photos for TaobaoRing office and lovely staff:

Are you moved? Can't wait to have a try with TaobaoRing? You can place orders from our Quick Order page. Have no idea how to place an order? Read this order process page please. It is very easy. Some customers even say "TaobaoRing website is stupid to use", haha...

If you want to know more about TaobaoRing, you can view our Youtube video or read the feedback from our customers. Come on!