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Useful Geography Info.

The Distance Between Us

TaobaoRing's location: Beijing, China. Marked as "R" in the world map.

TaobaoRing location

Here is some famous cities in China. Most of your items comes from ShangHai, HangZhou, YiWu, ShenZhen, GuangZhou, etc.

TaobaoRing China locations

Typical domestic airlines:

AirlineDistanceFlight timeGenerally Include
From Shanghai to Beijing
TaobaoRing Shanghai to Beijing
1,238 km 1.77 hours ShangHai
From ShenZhen to Bejing
TaobaoRing ShenZhen to Beijing
3,476 km 4.97 hours ShenZhen

Typical international airlines:

AirlineDistanceFlight time
From Beijing to NewYork
TaobaoRing Beijing to NewYork
10,696 km 15.28 hours
From Beijing to San Francisco, CA
TaobaoRing Beijing to San Francisco
9,497 km 13.57 hours
From Beijing to London
TaobaoRing Beijing to London
8,135 km 11.62 hours
From ShenZhen to Singapore
TaobaoRing ShenZhen to Singapore
2,602 km 3.72 hours