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Hot Chinese products introduction

Chinese Wedding Dresses

Generally, we will meet some customers who are interested in purchasing Chinese wedding dresses. Different design - modern or ancient, just like Chinese hanfu. Sometimes, seller can accept customized on their wedding dresses. Sure, under these circumstance, it will be better if you can remark us your detailed size information by kilogram and centimeter when placing order, so that we can contact and confirm with seller in short time. What we are going to bring to our customer is that we do hope that we can provide them what they expect with our effort.

Chinese Hat

What we want to mention is that we always know about many kinds of Chinese hats through our dear customers, and most of them purchase for retail or wholesale at their local. As Miss Coco Chanel said, hat is the symbol of beginning of human civilization. Different occasions / season will need different hats. For example, you are not a fan of baseball, but maybe you have 2 baseball caps in your wardrobe, since they are great for the summer. And we guess you have one small feather fascinator for special occasions like wedding as well.

Chinese Shoes

During the past several years, Chinese shoes are more and more popular with people from around the world. Why? Cheap and good quality. On the one hand, compared to European and American countries, China has cheaper labor force, so many international shoes brands have their shoes manufactured in China factories. These factories gather rich experience in producing. On the other hand, with development of China’s internationalization, shoes style designed by Chinese designers are more known and accepted around the world. These shoes get more and more attention from overseas. However, we would like to kindly remind if you like to buy brand shoes from Taobao. There are many sellers selling replicas on Taobao. Some of them may put brand shoes pictures on their site, but actually sell replicas. Some highly replicas are much the same with the authentic ones, which can confuse you easily. Anyhow, China takes greater effort to fight against infringement, and more and more such sellers will be cleaned up from Taobao gradually. We recommend you to choose sellers with high transaction reputation to avoid such problem.

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea has had a major influence on the development of Chinese culture. Roughly since the Tang Dynasty, drinking tea has been an essential part of self-cultivation in Chinese culture. In modern China, Chinese Tea is the symbol of welcoming visitors or neighbors, or gifts for friends. Traditionally, a visitor to a Chinese home is expected to sit down and drink tea while talking; while visiting but remaining standing is considered uncouth. There are six major types of tea in China-green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, dark tea and white tea, distinguished mainly by different methods of production. Chinese tea is more and more popular with foreign people, as it's not only taste good, but also healthy for body. If you have ever bought Chinese tea from China, you will know it's fragile, especially for tea cake. However, TaobaoRing helps you solve such headache completely. We are experienced in packing fragile items, including tea cakes. We would use bubbles, pearl wool foam to pack each tea cake, then put them in very hard cartons for protection. Even after several weeks' transportation, the tea cakes will be safely. Each year, all our tea customers receive their packages in great condition.