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Insurance Policy

Buy insurance for your parcel

Cost: Insurance premium may be purchased at 5% of the total price.

For example, if the entire order costs 100USD, the insurance fee would be 5USD.

Claim: All claims must be filed within 3 days after receiving your parcel. Late claims will not be processed.

To report loss, damage, or missing contents of a parcel, you will need to fill out our insurance claim form and send it to service@taobaoring.com.

What is covered?

If your parcel is lost in transit, we will give you a full refund, or re-buy and resend you a new one.

Full refund includes all costs regarding your items including insurance costs, item costs, service fees, and all shipping fees, but does not cover money service fee that is used to transfer money into your account.

If items in the parcel are missing, we will refund you the cost of the item, including domestic shipping.

If the items you bought are badly damaged, such as cuts on the pants, holes in your clothes, cracked screen etc., we will also issue a full refund.

If the item does not work as that stated in its advertisement, we will only refund the service fee.

If the parcel is returned to us because of delivery error, we will resend it with no additional costs. However, if it is returned to us because of refusal to comply with your nation's customs or rejection of parcel, you will be responsible for all additional costs.

Limits of Insurance

Returned parcels for the reasons involving your local customs will not be compensated for by insurance.

Returned parcels because you failed to pick up your parcels will not be compensated by insurance. You will be responsible for additional fees to have your packet redelivered.

Insurance does not cover the durability of your items.

If items do not work as expected, insurance will only cover your service fee.

Minor color differences in your product. If your product does not look as blue as the picture you saw in its advertisement, we are not responsible.