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International parcel tracking skills

Useful skills to track your TaobaoRing parcels.

We'll ship your parcel in 12 hours after you make payment, and you can tracking it online 2-3 days later(why?), it depends the shipping methods.

Shipping MethodAverage arrival timeBestWorst
Chinese EMS7-10 days2-3 daysmore than 20 days
Singapore Airmail15-30 days8-12 daysmore than 2 months
Chiense AIR20-40 days10-20 daysmore than 2 months
Chiense SAL30-50 days15-25 daysmore than 3 months
Surface(Sea)40-60 days15-30 daysmore than 4 months

The arrival time means working day. Wow, it's unbelievable slow, huh? Sometimes they are faster than you think, but sometimes they are painful slow, let you feels extreme hopeless. Below is our tracking experience, help it can help you, good luck for your parcel.

TaobaoRing Postal System Tracking Info

Tracking EMS

You can track Chinese EMS from here. Below is a snapshot from EMS:

tracking EMS basic

The first confused thing is what is "Despatch from Sorting Center" means? Most of time, it means "Shipping From Beijing to your location", e.g. "Shipping from Beijing to Chicago".

Why there have multiple lines of "Despatch from Sorting Center"? Before you ask this question, please check the column description, let me translate the first four lines from the above snapshot for you:

xxBeijingPostingParcel received by yonganluyingyebu.
xxyonganluyingyebuDespatch from Sorting CenterShipping parcel to BEIJING Office.
xxBEIJINGArrival at Sorting CenterParcel arrived at BEIJING Office.
xxBEIJINGDespatch from Sorting CenterShipping parcel to your location.

The line next to the first four lines is your Coutry/location information, it normally 7-10 working days later, the online information will not updated between this period. Most of our customers email us to ask why the information is not updated or why my parcel is still at Beijing after xx days, that's the reason.

The second confused thing is that why the tracking information repeated shows "Despatch from Sorting Center"? Here is an example:

EMS to Singapore delayed

Repeated shows "Despatch from Sorting Center" means your parcel is returned by security check. But why? my parcel only include normal items like pants or T-shirts. The answer is simple: your parcel is filled into a big parcel(mixed with others parcels) to checked, if one the them are not pass the security check, all them will be returned to original post office.

If your parcel include some unsafe items like battery, liquid or brand items without formal invoice, it maybe confiscated or destroyed by Customs.

Slow EMS tracking snapshot(25 Days to US):

EMS slow to US: EE872262175CN

Here is a slow EMS tracking snapshot(24 Days to Poland):

EMS slow to Poland: EE629708653CN

Here is a slow EMS tracking snapshot(More than 2 Months to Canada):

EMS slow to Canada: EE629708843CN

Chinese AIR

Slow Chinese AIR snapshot(more than 2.5 Month/75 Days)

Chinese AIR slow to UK: CP257884352CN

When this parcel arrived at UK, we can get a new tracking number from UK Post, here has more details:

Chinese AIR slow to UK: CP257884352CN

Why should I wait for 2-3 days to track my parcel ?

Before the first tracking information shows online, there is a long process:

  • We fill a express form after receive your second payment, get a tracking number and add it to your order detail pages.
  • Send parcels to our shipping Co. (Wait all parcels packed done)
  • Our shipping Co. send parcels to post office or airport to transit.
    • From Beijing1 post office branch office to head office.
    • From Beijing to Shenzhen2, from Shenzhen to HongKong/Singapore, etc.
    • Some parcels will be send via Shanghai airport. (Before is from Beijing to Shanghai)

1. Our office is at Beijing, a city of northern China.
2. Shenzhen, a city of southern China, near to HongKong.

Tracking from local post office

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