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TaobaoRing Order Process

Only 6 steps!

Step 1

Choose your desired items from or any other China's online store, then copy and paste the items URL to place your order at Quick Order. To get how to choose and where to choose, click how to buy from Taobao for help.

Note: You cannot pay immediately when you place your order. You could return to check your order process status or wait for our confirmation email to access to your payment page.

Step 2

We will check with the seller for your items' availability and will email you at first time. If it's available, we will confirm with you requesting your first payment.

First payment = Items cost + Domestic delivery fee + Service Fee

Step 3

Once your first payment is done, we will purchase the items from taobao sellers. Usually the products arrive at our warehouse in 2-5 days.

Step 4

We will double check items quality, take photos and email you requesting the second payment (international shipping fee).

Step 5

Once the second payment is done, we will send out your parcel within 12 hours, and update tracking number in your order. For more information about the international shipping, click Shipping Methods.

Second payment = International shipping fee

Step 6

In 5-7 days, your items will be shipped to your door. Anyhow, the international shipping time depends on what methods of shipment you use and where you have your parcels sent.

Overview of TaobaoRing Order Process

To start your order process you first need to Sign in or free Sign up for TaobaoRing.

TaobaoRing order process