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TaobaoRing Refund Policy

How to cancel your order and get refund.

You can cancel your order anytime before you make your first payment.

When you cancel after your first payment but before the second payment:

  1. If the items have been purchased and the seller agree to have them returned, the items cost will be refunded deducting the service fee and domestic shipping fee;
  2. If the items have been purchased and the seller don’t agree to have them returned, all the fees you paid will not be refunded.
  3. If seller sends wrong items and you want to return them, all item cost, domestic delivery fee and service fee will be refunded to you;
  4. If seller ignore your order because of shop closed, we will apply for refund for you, and return item cost, domestic fee and service fee to you.

Here is your first payment composition:

Here is first payment refund standard:

If there is minor color differences in your product, such as it does not look as blue as the picture you saw in its advertisement, we are not responsible.

If you cannot receive your parcel because of the customs reasons in your country, we are not responsible. Though we really want to help, we cannot negotiate with your local customs. As a result, please check policies of your local customs before you buy.

For fragile items, we check carefully when they arrive at our office, and always pack them with ultra care and skill to avoid being broken during shipping. But if it happens, we are not responsible for it.

For more information about the shopping policy, please check the terms and conditions.