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ShipForMe only service

TaobaoRing can ship to your customers directly.

Besides purchasing and shipping for you, TaobaoRing also provides separate shipping service to people who can buy from Taobao or Tmall by themselves. The service fee is as follows according to different conditions.

1. ShipForMe only: including packing and shipping, not including item quality checking, 10 CNY/KG (10 CNY per kilogram).

2. Quality Check & Ship: including Item checking, photo taking, packing & shipping, 15 CNY/KG (15 CNY per kilogram).

Under the second kind of cooperation, you can provide your Taobao account and password to us, so we can import your purchasing information to our system for item checking. Anyhow, you can also choose to put the bought items one by one into your TaobaoRing account for us to check. We will help you negotiate with seller for change or return if we find they send your items wrong.

For particular kind of commodity checking or shipping, TaobaoRing reserves rights to discuss service fee accordingly.