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Track my TaobaoRing orders

TaobaoRing is stupid easy to use!

We have user-friendly order system, in which customers can check every detail of their order status after they confirm orders.

Check order status when items are in confirmation

When customer place an order,we will confirm each one with taobao sellers, and mark it as available or unavailable. Customer can login to their taobaoring account to check detail.

taobaoring orders available

In this process, there are three kinds of availablity status

pendingHasn't been confirmed yet because the seller is off-line
yesAvailable(marked with a green "Yes")
noUnavailable(marked with a red "No")

For some circumstance,if some item only has the last one available, we will leave message for the seller,telling him to take quick action,for the item maybe out of stock any time.At other times, when some items are in stock when we confirm it, but become out of stock when we buy it, we will refund the item cost to customers via paypal or other payment methods.

Check order status when items are in purchasing

When items arrived at our office, we will check them and marked it as "arrived" in order management system, so that customers can check the arrival information in their account.

taobaoring orders arrived

There are two kinds of arrival status here

yesItem has arrived at our office(marked with a green "Yes")
noItem still on the way to our office(marked with a red "No")

Check order status when items are shipped

We will input tracking number in the tracking system, so that customers can login to their taobaoring account to track their order any time.

track taobaoring order


track taobaoring order

After click "tracking", customers will see their order ID and tracking number in a new page, there they can track on the shipping company's website by just copying and pasting the number.

Below are websites for the main shipping methods used in taobaoring

Track order shipped by Singapore EMS


track singapore ems

Input the tracking number

Track order shipped by Singapore airmail


Click"Track Item"

track singapore airmail

Input the tracking number and click "Track Item"

track singapore airmail

Track order shipped by Chinese airmail


track china airmail

Input tracking number and verification code.