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What is Intellectual Property Right

What is intellectual property right? It's a long story and beyond this article. Let's have a simple glance of it. Intellectual property right means:

  • a trade mark;
  • a design;
  • a copyright or any related right as provided for by national or Union law;
  • a geographical indication;
  • a patent as provided for by national or Union law;

If the Custom consider the item infringe an intellectual property right, they will take actions include:

  • destroy it; or
  • send back to the original country; or
  • ask you pay a lot of money for it; or
  • ask you proof it's legal;

We can not help you buy any items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy, no mather they are physical commodity like clothes, shoes, watch, hats or virtual products like video game, software, etc. If the items you want to buy involve replicas, please refer to the brands page that we list for you, and we can only buy brand items only if they meet one of the following requirements.

  1. Products that are sold on the reliable direct sale platform such as Amazon China or Jd.com (not third-party sellers);
  2. Produts that are sold on brands' direct store on Tmall.com, such as Burberry's online shop on Tmall.com. http://burberry.tmall.com/.
  3. Products from foreigh brands' branch stores in China, such as MUJI's official store in China, http://www.muji.com.cn/cn/store/.
  4. Products from sellers who can provide brands authorization certificate and commercial invoice.