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Why TaobaoRing.com ?

TaobaoRing is stupid easy to use!

Before you choose a taobao agent, you may want to know something like this: why taobao agent charge service fee? Is it really worthing buying via taobao agent? In this article, we will tell you what we(www.taobaoring.com)do, and why it's worth using our service.

TaobaoRing's preparation work

We have excellent order management system which can send message automatically to our purchasers the moment when order is confirmed. Then our purchasers will begin to confirm with taobao sellers at first time.

We confirm the items with taobao sellers mainly via Ali wangwang, which is a chat tool like MSN. Our confirmation process mainly contains:

  • Confirm if the item is available, including size, color, item price as well as domestic delivering fee.
  • Sometimes the taobao sellers may be off-line, we will leave them a message, or look for their phone numbers, or come back for confirmation at another time.
  • If the item is out of stock,or the taobao sellers are off-line all the time for several dasys, we will get contact with our customers via email or MSN, negotiating the dealing way.

Each time we confirm an item, we will put down the result in our order management system, so that customers can check the availability of their items any time after they place the order.

order management system - check the availability of items

When all items in a order are confirmed, we will send email to our customers, requesting the first payment.

Start purchasing

When the first payment has been done, we will start purchasing from taobao within 12 hours. During the buying process, something unexpected may happen. When we confirm with the taobao sellers for the first time, some items are available. However, it may be taken by someone else before we pay for it. When it happens, we will deduct the items cost from the international shipping fee, or refund the items cost to the customer .

After we make payment to the taobao sellers, they usually deliver the items within 2 to 24 hours. It usually takes 2 to 5 days for the items to arrive at our office. When the items arrive, we will check the size, color carefully. If the item's color or size doesn't match the request of our customers, we will contact the taobao sellers for change or return.

Each time one item arrive at our office, we will update the order status, marking it as"arrived",so that customers will know which item has arrived.

order management system - check which item has arrived

Take photo and pack

When all items for a order arrived at our office, we will check them carefully, take photo of them, then send to the customer, telling them the weight and international shipping fee.

a bag - ordered item footwear - ordered item boot - ordered item

We pack with package bag or box of good quality, and fill in the blank with foam block, making sure that the parcel is as light as possible, because we know that weight means money in international shipping.

TODO: add image

The unexpected overweight

Sometimes, some unexpected overweight may happen,which is really embarrassing. For example, if a customer wants to ship his parcel via EMS while the total weight is 1050g, then the EMS fee is calculated based on the weight of 1500g.

under the circumstances, we will do:

  • Replace the stuffing over and over again, trying to make the parcel as light as possible.
  • Take out the gifts from taobao sellers, because these gifts have little value, but may be the key reason for overweight.
  • When all the above has been done, but nothing changed, we may email our customer, suggesting them buy more items, and we can combine his/her two orders and ship them together.
  • Or, if time permits,we will suggest our customer ship via airmail, for the much cheaper shipping fee.

In a word, we pay attention to every detail and always put our customers' interest at first place.

Begin shopping with TaobaoRing.com

The distinguishing features of TaobaoRing.com

  • Fast order process, fast response to customers' request;
  • Simple page setup,user-friendly order system, and clear operation process;
  • Equal patience to old customers and new ones;
  • Pay attention to customers' interest in every detail;
  • Good grasp techniques, which can get the most precise price of taobao items;

After getting an idea of our order process and our service, maybe you can not wait shopping with us. Just click Quick Order to begin your Chinese online shopping experience right now.Any comments on our service, welcome to our Feedback. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@taobaoring.com either by MSN or email.