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International shipping

As a Taobao agent, we help people buy from Taobao and provide international shipping service as well. In the past, individual or small business man may consider international shopping a headache, as most international trade companies only do business with companies, but do not accept small orders from individuals. However, with our help, no matter what you want to buy, big or small, you can get it easily from us. We provide door to door shipping, which makes your shopping super easy.

EMS Shipping

We offer many kinds of international shipping methods, some are faster and more expensive, some are slower but cheaper. You can always find one that suits to you. Among all the methods, we highly recommend EMS, which is fast and safe. About its price? It's very economical as we offer 40% discount off for parcels less than 5KG, and offer 45% discount for parcels over 5KG. You may think it unbelievable but the truth is that sometimes it only takes 3 or 4 days from China to USA address, even faster than Chinese domestic delivery.

Dropship Agent

If you are business man who do dropship, and have Taobao as your goods supply, we congratulate to you to finally find us. As a dropship agent, we offer great support to dropship business man from order process and website system. We try to make your shopping and communication as convenient as possible. Our aim is to help you grow in your business, because only when you grow, we grow.

International shipping is also called China shipping, which plays an important part in Taobao shopping. Sometimes it can be a disaster if you do not choose a reliable agent or seller. During the long shipping way, packages can be lost, destroyed, delayed, detained in customs or even returned if they are not processed properly. Though the potential risk can not be avoided completely, TaobaoRing can always lower it to the utmost extent with our rich experience. We cooperate with China Post directly to avoid any middle chain transport, which means the packages can be sent from us to your country directly, so they take the lowest risk of being delayed or lost. As a Taobao agent with more than 6 years’ experience, we know how to pack to avoid damage during shipping. Actually we are proud to say that we provide the best packing among our field.