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Items can not be shipped Internationally

When you do online shopping from abroad, there are some items which are dangerous to be shipped internationally, and attention needs to be paid just for the sake of your parcel’s safety.

Battery: almost all shipping companies will prohibit shipping batteries, but button cells will be safe, such as the little battery used in watch are safe for shipping.

Liquid: we suggest you not ship liquid at all. Anyhow, for small amount less than 50g can be shipped with other items together, but it’s dangerous to ship liquid over 50g.

Electric products: this kind of items can be returned easily by customs inspection department, so we suggest you not buy internationally.

Powder: powder like chemical powder can not be shipped.

Lighter: lighter and other dangerous products that may lead to explosion can not be shipped internationally.

Magnet: magnet and magnetic products can not be shipped via air, but since all our shipping methods will be transit via air, so we can not ship magnetic products.

Food: we can not buy food for you, as most countries prohibit personal food imports.

Besides the items we mention above, you should also check your customs policy as different countries will have various imports limit.