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Service Fee/Commission

1 CNY = 0.167 USD The exchange rate between CNY and USD is 0.167.

Our service fee is 8% of the total items cost and domestic shipping fee (within China), and minimum service charge is 30RMB.

For the time being, we only accept payment in USD (Euro will be accepted once it becomes more stable) and CNY(Chinese Yuan).

TaobaoRing Commission

Clients usually pay twice for their orders; the first payment includes the total items cost + domestic shipping fee + our service fee, the second payment is for international shipping. The insurance fee is optional. Clients will pay 5% of all the cost (items cost + domestic shipping fee + our service fee + international shipping fee) if they want their items insured.

TaobaoRing Freight

For the first payment, the items cost is fixed while the domestic shipping fee ranges from 10 CNY to 30 CNY for the first 1kg, which depends on items' weight and the distance between sellers' location and our warehouse, so we will set 15cny on average for the 1st KG and 10cny for each additional KG.

TaobaoRing EMS Discount

For the second payment, we provide many international shipping methods, such as EMS, DHL, airmail etc. EMS is highly recommended for its safe, quick, reliable advantages, and you can enjoy a huge discount up to 40% off if the parcel weight is less than 5KG, and will enjoy 45% off for parcels over 5KG . For more information about standard EMS charge, please visit How EMS charges. You can also pre-calculate shipping fee on our website calculator.

Besides fees mentioned above, there are two fees you should know:

  • First, paypal transaction fee. 4.4%+0.3 of total payment will be charged when order is paid via PayPal. This fee will not be charged if your order is paid via other available payment methods.
  • Second, insurance fee. This fee is optional. Usually, we do not provide insurance because to take insurance, the insured value should be declared, which increases the value of item at your local customs. But if you insist in taking insurance, we can help you insure the shipping.


For your better understanding of how your order is charged in detail, the following example may help:

1 CNY = 0.167 USD The exchange rate between CNY and USD is 0.167 .

A client from France places an order with us, his order will be paid via PayPal.

  • Items cost: 450 CNY
  • Domestic shipping fee: 50 CNY
  • Service fee: 40 CNY
  • Weight of his package: 2000g, shipping rate for the first 500g to France by EMS is 168 CNY, for the additional 500g is 45 CNY, so, the international shipping fee is 303 CNY[168+(45*3)]

The international shipping fee above is the discounted EMS fee, which is 40% off the standard rates. Then the calculation formula is:

(without insurance fee)
450 + 50 + 40 + 303 = 843 CNY
843 * 0.167 = 140.78 (1 CNY = 0.167 USD)
140.78 + 140.78 * 0.044 + 0.3 = 147.27 USD
(with insurance fee)
450 + 50 + 40 + 303 = 843 CNY
843 * 0.05 + 843 = 885.15 CNY
885.15 * 0.167 = 147.82 USD
147.82 + 147.82 * 0.044 + 0.3 = 154.62 USD

Total payment for this client's order is 147.27 USD via PayPal, 140.78 USD via other payment methods.

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