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New policy on EMS shipping

Dear Customers,

We get notice from China Post that there is new policy on EMS shipping from August 1st, 2012. Volumetric Weight will be involved if any side of the packing box is over 60cm. If all sides are less than 60cm, only actual weight is considered. Volumetric Weight is calculated like this: parcel length*width* height/8000. Between the actual weight and Volumetric Weight, the bigger one will be used to calculate the EMS shipping fee. For example, if a parcel weighs 6KG, but has a volume of 70cm*30cm*30cm, then the Volumetric Weight will be 70*30*30/8000=7.8KG. Under this condition, EMS fee will be based on 7.8KG.

This EMS policy will be effective since August 1st, 2012.