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Spring Festival Schedule

Dear customers,

The Chinese Spring Festival is coming, and we will be off-duty from February 4th to February 17th and will be back for work on February 18th. Since this will be a big holiday in China, all taobao sellers and the shipping companies will also be off work, so we also have deadline for shipping and purchasing.

From Jan. 18th, we will begin to have all items sent to us via the fastest domestic delivery, which is called Shunfeng. It's a little more expensive, but it will be the only choice because other normal shipping companies will stop collecting parcels at that time; 

From Jan. 29th, we will stop purchasing;

From Feb. 2nd, we will stop shipping. Feb.1st will be the last day for shipping;

From Feb. 2nd to Feb. 3rd, the after-sale service is still open, and all service will stop from February 4th.

This is the preliminary schedule, and we will updated it if any changes is necessary later. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and all the orders placed during our holiday will be processed when we are back to work.

Wish you a happy lunar New Year!