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TaobaoRing News

Fee Adjustment in 2013

Dear Customers,

Due to the rising of labor cost and domestic fee of this year, taobaoring team has made some adjustment to the fees, as below:

1.       Minimum service charge of 30RMB will be applied from 2013, which means if service fee of your order is less than 30RMB, then we will charge 30RMB automatically.

2.       Domestic fee for the first 1 kilogram will be set as 15cny automatically in the system, and for each additional 1 kilogram will be 10cny. Since most domestic delivery companies charge domestic fee from 10cny to 30cny for the 1st kilogram, such as 10cny, 12cny, 15cny, 18cny, 22cny or 25cny, so we will set 15cny automatically on average to save more time, then can offer faster service.

3.       For items that violate intellectual property rights, we can not accept paypal payment, and only accept Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank transfer. Refund policy will be applied to all payment methods.

4.       If you pay via Western Union and under the condition that we already know the items weight clearly, you can pay the first payment and second payment together to save Western Union transfer fee for you.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding and support.