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TaobaoRing News

Shipping to USA affected

Dear customers,

We just got urgent notice from the international shipping company that the parcels shipped to the USA will be affected for a month, and the 2 countries will pay special attention on the products that go into their country, especially for the products which violate intellectual property rights. From now on which lasts for a month, the customs of the 2 countries will open every parcel for checking to make sure it doesn't violate intellectual property rights. From March 20th, the shipping company who cooperates with us has stopped collecting parcels which contains those items because if it's found containg those items, it will be destroyed without notice and the shipping company will also be fined. The items they stop ship include USB dataline, electronic products, phones and accessary, replica clothes, shoes, hats, etc.

As a result, we can not help buy and ship these items to the USA even you pay via western union, moneygram or bank transfer. The shipping company will notifiy us at the earliest time when these items can be shipped. Thanks for your kind understanding.