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Shopping Carnival is Coming

Dear friends,

The yearly Chinese Shopping Carnival of November 11th is coming, and many taobao sellers will give big discount on their products at that time, so please catch the chance to pick up some lovely items for you.

In China, November 11th is considered as a Single's Day by young people as there are four "1" in this word, which means "single' or "bachelor". On this date, many people especially the single peopel like to go shopping to comfort themselves. Gradually, some E-commerce sellers just set this date as a shopping carnival, and offered discount on that day, which draws great attention. These years, almost all sellers joined in this big canival and drive the online shopping in most extent. On taobao, because of the November 11th carnival, the sales volume of November will be times higher than other months.

Kind reminder: not all taobao sellers give discount on this date. Many sellers will only give discount on the date of November 11th, so the price may be different before or after that date. Some sellers will begin to offer discount 2 or 3 days before November 11th or days after that. It all depends on the sellers.