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About BTC Miner Purchasing

Dear friends, 

We can help you buy BTC miner from taobao, and will take priority to these products as they are short supply items and customers need them urgently. However, since the BTC miner sellers have hard selling policy that we must pay money to their bank account first, then they will send us the items. Or even we pay through Alipay, which is a platform that we can pay to Alipay first, then after we receive the items, Alipay will transfer money to them, but the sellers will ask us to transfer money to them first before we receive products, then deliver miner, just to lower their risk. Because of this hard policy, we can only accept paypal for small deposit, and can only accept western union or bank transfer for big deposit. Here is the purchasing process take:

1) you place orders on our site with the BTC miner link;

2) We confirm order within 12 hours after you submit order;

3) You pay for the order and we buy it soon after you pay;

4) We take detailed photos when BTC miner arrives at us and send you invoice for international shipping;

5) We ship within 12 hours after your second payment (we pack very well for your product).



1) If BTC miner costs less than 5000cny, we can accept paypal. If the price for your BTC miner is over 5000cny, we only accept western union or bank transfer.

2) For western union or bank wire payment of BTC order, we will offer discount of 10usd and will deduct it from shipping fee. For example, if you pay in western union, and your shipping fee is 60usd, then we will deduct 10usd for you and you only need to pay for 50usd.

3) If your product is out of stock after you pay or if it takes days for seller to get stock and you do not want to wait, then we will refund full payment to your paypal, including items cost, and domestic delivery and service fee. 


We are professional and honest taobao agent in China, so even if you pay in western union or bank transfer, you can trust us as any one who ever used our service knows that the shopping risk is zero after our cooperation. 


Any questions, please email us at service@taobaoring.com/ .