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International Shipping Slow

Dear friends, 

The international shipping is very slow these days, especial Singapore Post is poor slow. So make sure your parcel is not delayed, we suggest you use EMS. There are several reasons for Singapore Post delay. Firstly, Chinese customs inspect the parcels more strict from September this year, so many people switch to Singapore Post for shipping, as they think Singapore Post will be safer. Secondly, there are more orders focused in October and November for Christmas gifts preparation. All these lead to the international shipping delay at the end of the year, and especialy the airmail shipping. Now, if you want the packages to arrive in time, we think EMS will be the best choice in this busy season.

Here is one tracking example for a Singapore airmail parcel. Usually it only takes 15-20days to arrive, but it even takes up to 60 days to arrive these days. We appreciate your great patience if your parcels are delayed during international transit.