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TaobaoRing News

DHL and Airmail Shipping Delayed

Dear friends,

Urgent notice from our shipping company that they will stop accepting DHL and Singapore airmail parcels for a period of time from September 25th, as all their DHL parcels have been delayed in Shenzhen for many days, and can not go through Shenzhen customs. Actually all their shipping methods which will transit from Hongkong are all stopped now.

Our DHL shipping method will suspend from Sep.26th until the Shenzhen customs becomes normal again. We can not tell the exact recover time. They will also return the DHL parcels which were shipped after September 20th, then change to other shipping methods, so they will not continually be delayed.

For Singapore airmail parcels, we will change to Chinese airmail these days from September 26th untill Shenzhen customs recovers. For those Singapore airmail parcels which were shipped from September 20th to September 25th, there may be days delay.

Sorry for this delay but everything is so unexpected, and we appreciate your kind understanding and patience.