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Delivery Delay Due to APEC

Dear friends,

Since the 2014 APEC Business Summit is held  from November 5th to November 11th in Beijing China, both the domestic delivery and internatinal delivery will be delayed. Now beijing city has very strict traffic control within Beijing area, and almost all vehicles from other provinces are forbidden to get in except for the trucks of domestic delivery company. Even these trucks are allowed to enter Beijing city, the traffic police will check all items on them very carefully, which will delay the parcel delivery. For international shipping, the customs safety inspection department check all parcels, no matter big or small. Some items may be forbidden to pass to air in these days even they can be shipped at usual.

All taobaoring team members are trying our best to process the orders as fast as possible to avoid any delay in our office, but the delay due to APEC summit is out of our control, so we appreciate your kind understanding if any of your order is delayed on the way to us or on the way to you.

Have a nice day to all !