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Delivery Slow After 11/11

Dear friends,

The Chinese domestic delivery is poor slow these days due to the big transaction on taobao on November 11th, which is called the 11/11 shopping carnival.  Times of people buy from taobao on that day, so both taobao sellers and domestic shipping company have to work overload. Usaually it only takes 3 to 4 days for parcels to arrive at us, but now it takes 8 to 10 days or even longer. For the sellers, since they got too many orders on Nov.11th, now most of them can not send orders on the same day of our payment, but will have 1 or 2 days delay, or even longer. What makes it worse is that parcels are prohibit to enter Beijing city during 2014 APEC summit, so mountains of parcels are waiting to enter after it ends on November 12th. We spend much time to push the Delivery company these days, but they still can not make it faster, as they have too many parcels to process.

Besides domestic delivery, the interantional shipping is also very slow and many parcels are delayed for days. This is because many people buy from China to prepare for their Christmas gifts, also lots of overseas people shop on taobao on 11.11 day. If you are planning to buy Christmas gifts from China, we suggest you order them as early as possible to avoid any delay, as we can not guarantee the international shipping time.

During the busy shopping season, we need your kind understanding for any delay and appreciate your great patience. We will try our best to make it faster in the ordering process parts which we can control, such as confirmation, purchasing, checking items and shipping. 

Good wishes to you all!