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12.12 Promotion Coming

Dear friends,

The taobao 12.12 promotion is coming, and many items will have discount on that day. Please prepare for the order if you have something to buy from taobao. The 12.12 is a big promotion day just like 11.11 promotion on taobao and many other online shops in China. 

Since many sellers may only offer discount on December 12th, so we provide some suggestions here to help you get the promotion price.

1) Early payment is needed after you receive our payment invoice, as sellers may turn back to original price after Dec.12th.

2) If you buy lots of items in one order, we think you can place the order one day earlier, so that we can gurantee all the items are confirmed before the promotion is ended.

3) You can leave us a message to remind us that there is 12.12 discount price in the order after you submit it, then we will process them first.

We will confirm and purchase all the orders that are placed and paid on Dec.12th to avoid any price rising. 

Wish you a happy shopping on 12.12 Day.