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SF Delivery Fee Go Up

Dear friends,

We just got notice from Shunfeng that their delivery fee will risen from February 1st, 2015. In the past, their delivery fee is 22cny for the first kilogram, but it will go up to 23cny for the first kilogram from Feb.1st. Delivery fee for each extra kilogram will be the same as before, which is 14cny. So if your parcel is 1KG, then Shunfeng Delivery fee will be 23cny. If it's over 1KG but less than 2KG, then it's 23+14=37cny, and so on.

What is Shunfeng/ SF? Shunfeng is the fastest domestic delivery company in China, founded in 1993. At the begging, it conducted business only between Guangdong Shunde and Hongkong. When the business becomes better and better, it speads to other provinces of China, and aims to provide the fastest and most safe delivery service. The delivery fee of Shunfeng is much higher than other normal domestic delivery, but since it's really fast and reliable, it becomes more and more popular with companies, online sellers, or individual person who requires fast delivery. Here you can fiind more about Shunfeng on their homepage, http://www.sf-express.com/cn/sc/ 

Under ordinary circumstances, it only takes 2 days for the SF delivery. However, as the normal delivery companies will stop their service soon before Chinese Spring Festival, the sellers will all switch to SF, which will heavily increase its delivery burden, and make the delivery much slower than usual, so may takes one or two days longer.

We appreciate your patience and kind understanding if any parcel is delayed. We will try our best to buy the items soon after your payment and push sellers to send as soon as possible to avoid any delay.   

Have a nice shopping to all!