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About Domestic Delivery Fee

Dear friends,

As you know that our system will charge domestic fee as 15cny for the 1st kilogram for each seller automatically, for highly efficiency. However, few sellers may offer free shipping and some customers may request it. When you place orders, if you find any sellers offer free shipping, you can leave remark for such sellers, then we will confirm with them to see if it's real free shipping. If it's real, then we will remove the fee for you manually. If it's not, then we will keep it in the system. Once the first payment is done, the fee can not be removed, as the all the fee has been fixed and if we change it under the purchasing status, it can cause fee confusion easily. As a result, please tell such requirement before you make 1st payment, so that we can change it for you first, then you make payment. After the 1st payment, we can not process this kind of requirement. Thanks for your kind understanding.  

Have a nice shopping to all!