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Parcels may be delayed during the 11/11 big sale

Dear friends,

The yearly 11/11 big sale is coming soon, most taobao sellers have already put the 11/11 sale prices on their page, so you can place order now to enjoy the discount. What's important, our service fee changes from 8% to 6% during 10/20-11/20, which means you can enjoy the double discount if place orders during this time. So hope you can catch it!

The only thing is as there will be too many orders during the big sale for many sellers, so they need time to arrange shipment for each order, and there will be 2-5 days delay. Also, the postman will be too busy to deliver each parcel, it may be 4-7 days slower than usual. We need your patience to wait for your parcels if you have orders during this time. Thanks for your kind understanding.  

Wish you all a happy shopping time! ^^