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Online Help Closed Temporarily

Dear friends,

After Taobao 11/11 sale, there is parcel delivery traffic in all cities of China. Times of parcels are arriving at our office everyday, and we need to focus more on them to push order process faster, so we will close our online help and livechat tickets function Temporarily for about one month. At the same time, we are doing our best to hire more people to process the orders, but also need time for professional training.

During these days, domestic delivery is poor slow. Usually it only takes 3-5 days to arrive at us after sellers send the orders, but it takes more than 10 days to arrive these days, and parcels from some faraway sellers may take 2 weeks to arrive.

We can not control the delivery time on the way, but will process the parcels as soon as they arrive at our office to avoid any further delay. We really hope this delivery traffic will end soon. We are sorry if your parcels are delayed, and we need your patience and kind understanding in the busy shopping season. 

Thanks again for your kind understanding.