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2017 Spring Festival Holiday Schedule

Dear friends,

Time flies, a new Spring Festival is coming soon, which is also known as Chinese New Year. This year we will off duty for holiday from Jan.23rd to Feb.4th, and  will come back to work on Feb.5th. Almost all companies in China will be off for this holiday, including taobao sellers and domestic shipping companies. So the order processing will be suspended during the holiday. Our schedule is as follows, you can refer to it and arrange your orders in advance.


From January 16th, we will begin to use Shunfeng/SF as the domestic shipping to make sure parcels can arrive at us safely before our holiday. SF delivery is the fastest domestic shipping in China and the fee for first 1KG is 23cny. Why we use SF is because normal domestic shipping will be slower and slower at that time, and some post companies will stop collecting parcels after Jan.15th.

From January 18th, we will stop confirming orders. All orders placed before Jan.18th can all be confirmed. For some custom-made cosplay orders which take a long time to make, we still can confirm but will ship after our holiday.

From January 20th, we will stop purchasing. All orders paid before 20th can be purchased.

On 3:00 p.m. 22nd January, we will arrange the last shipment before we leave for holiday. Only orders paid before 3:00 p.m. 22nd Jan. can be shipped, and the ones paid after that will be shipped when we come back on Feb. 5th.

You can still place orders during our holiday, we will process one by one when we come back. Sorry for any delay or inconvenience caused because of this big holiday. Thanks for your kind understanding and support.