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Purchase notes
  1. Please read carefully about the sellers' item page and check their photos, and make sure you choose the correct color and size you want. If the items are custom made, please provide your measurements in remark. If you want shoes, please pay attention to the "remove box" button and decide whether you want to desert shoes boxes or not (removing shoes box can reduce the parcel weight and can save international shipping fee ).
  2. We are only your shopping agent, but do not sell any products. We will check carefully about color, size, quantity and any damage of the items at their arrival, but we can not guarantee the quality. Kind reminder that items with very low price which is far under the average price may have poor quality, and we suggest you not buy such items.
  3. We can not help you buy any items that infringe intellectual property. If you want to buy brand items, we need to confirm with sellers first to see if they have sale authorization certificate of this brand. If they do, we can help you buy.

   TaobaoRing Emoji 1ffffWish all of you a pleasant Chinese online shopping experience.

Terms and condition explanation
Item Link
Paste Taobao item link into the input form, and click "Get it" button, you'll see the item basic informations include title, price, seller, etc.
Sometimes our system can not show discount price, but we will update to discount sale price when we confirm the order.
is domestic delivery fee, don't confuse it with International shipping fee. We only charge one domestic delivery fee when you buy more than one items from the same seller.
wait for us confirmation with seller
item is available
item is not available
no after paid
item is out of stock after your payment, we will refund you all fees if it happens