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Bad Taobao sellers

We suggest you not trade with them.

When we buy help our customers buy from taobao, we find most taobao sellers are honest people, but some are not. We should be very careful when we buy from them, because they may deliver items with bad quality or items that are different with their site, or they may ignore our complaint if transaction dispute is involved. Here are dishonest taobao shops that are on the black list of our transaction with them. You can also check taobao good sellers.


Sales: Children clothes

Reason: Dishonest seller, not receive clothes from her after 40 days of payment. Maybe a cheater.


Sales: Cosmetics


Sales: Electronics

Reason: send bad pad.


Sales: Electronics

Reason: Be careful, this is a phishing site. This site looks like a taobao site, but actually it's not. The seller never gets online and leave message on the site to contact with him via QQ, then he gave another link for you to buy, which is a link that can result in payment password leaking.


Sales: Electronics


Sales: Men clothes

Reason: This seller is bad at after-sale service. One of our customers once bought 2 men's underpants from him, then we found that both have small holes. We contacted with the seller and showed him detailed pictures, but he never admitted it was his quality problem and said we made the holes on purpose. We also saw from the feedback that another customer had the similar bad experience as us.


Sales: Stockings

Reason: Bad faith


Sales: Women bags

Reason: Be careful the seller may deliver bags that are not complete the same as the site pictures. One of our customers once bought one bag, but seller delivers one without dust bag and different outside bag. She even did not refund us the payment and found kinds of excuse for it. After we contacted with taobao and explained the whole dispute, we finally helped our customer take the payment back.


Sales: Women clothes


Sales: Women shoes

Reason: cheat on domestic fee.


Sales: Women shoes

Reason: The seller is a cheater and does not send shoes after our payment.


Sales: Women shoes

Reason: seller is a liar and shoes quality is bad.

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